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BHARAT ENTERPRISES is one of the main manufacturer of Plastic, Rubber Products and Molds for numerous National & Multinational Companies in India.BHARAT ENTERPRISES started out its operation from manufacture of Plastic Parts in the Year 2020.Since then the business enterprise has continuously endeavored to reinforce its product range to consist of Automobile Parts, Road protection Products, Die Molds Etc.We have these days grown due to our honesty, dedication and smart working which ensured that we have been capable of absolutely satisfy our customers with our excessive exceptional merchandise & services. We have a smart working Team to handle every and every branch to make our product & carrier stand out within the marketplace vicinity.In spite of competiton, we've got a large client base the use of our merchandise & offerings. The reason being, we don’t compromise on our pleasant, pricing and well timed delivery. The first-class we offer our consumer and our pricing is unbeatable. Also we ensure that we always deliver our products on time.As an company we continue to strive so that we will become a much bigger organisation due to the fact that we will serve greater & more customers and also to come to be a totally first rate business enterprise in India.If you would like to know more, please contact us.

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PVC Profile

We provide customised solution for Plastic parts manufacturing. We can manufacture plastic parts as per various dimensions, requirements as per customer's plan. We have our very very own, cutting-edge tool room facility to make dies and jigs for production these profiles. All our profile tooling is designed and engineered the usage of the maximum sophisticated generation and cutting-edge layout structures. We manufacture profiles of each interior and outside grades.We use various molding tools for making these parts, e.g. Injection Molding and Plastic Extruder Molding etc.

Rubber Profile

Our variety of products encompass extruded rubber profiles, p type hole gasket, strong 't' form rubber profile, sifter gasket, rubber beading and solid 'p' type rubber. Our huge spectrum of Rubber Profile consists of Chords, Sleeves, Strips and Belts. Made from high-quality insulating rubbers, these products are broadly used in electric powered panel boards. The extruded profile and gaskets additionally finds variety of utility in Computers, Tele-verbal exchange industry, Station Cover Gasket, Dyeing and Oven Packing, Cement and Fertilizers plant, Automobile and Docks, Switch tools and Electrical fittings.We provide customised solution for Rubber parts manufacturing. We can manufacture Rubber parts as per customer's requirements.We use various molding tools for making these parts, e.g. Hot Rubber Extruder Machine, Hard Press Rubber Tools etc.

Standard & Custom Size Rubber/PU O-Rings

We manufacture Standard and Custom Sized O-Rings. We can manufacture these O-Rings in Rubber & PU.We use various Rubber & PU molding tools for making O-Rings.

Industrial PVC Soft & Rigid Profile

We are actively engaged in manufacturing and providing an first-rate variety of PVC Profiles both Soft & Rigid. Our presented profiles are synthetic by using superior best polyvinyl chloride and current technology in adherence with industry norms. Being a client-centric enterprise, we test those profiles towards one-of-a-kind parameters so as to hold their nice. Widely favored for their clean set up and durability, those profiles are in splendid demand. We manufacture Rubber and PU Based Tubes. These can be manufactured by as per size or plan requirements.We use various Rubber & PU molding tools for making these Products.

Custom Tool & Die Based Solution

We manufacture and provide various Tool & Die based solutions for Rubber and Plastic Parts.We can assist troubleshoot all of your Die, Press, and Automation troubles which can be inflicting downtime & SPM troubles. We prevent time, money, and strain with the aid of tracking all of your down time troubles, locate the foundation motive, and implement effective answers for your problems inside the factory or press shop. We will help increase your SPM, whilst enhancing your process and the first-class of the components.Please contact us to know more about our manufacturing capability for your plant.

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About Us
We manufacture and provide various customised Industrial solutions in Rubber Profile, PVC Profile & Other Industrial Products.
You can outsource your requirement to us, we will keep delivering you quality products with punctuality.Contact UsR.K. Sharma
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GeM Seller ID: ES12210004201234

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